Businesses excited to take on Republican National Convention

NOW: Businesses excited to take on Republican National Convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Businesses in our area are preparing to welcome more than 20,000 new guests.

This comes after the RNC site selection committee voted to recommend the cream city for the 2024 RNC.

It’s the economic boom that has many businesses in our area standing with open arms, regardless of political affiliation, excited to land the world's most watched convention.

Remember-- it was just a week ago we told you the Nashville Common Council withdrew its bid to host the Republican National Convention.

And here we are now with a strong recommendation from the RNC site selection committee to set Milwaukee up for the highly anticipated political convention.

"We just found out today," said Omar Shaikh, co-owner of Third Street Market Hall.

Big news for many businesses throughout our area -- coming off the heels of a global pandemic.

"Think about all the employees and think about their families that are going to thrive who have been suffering for the last two years," said Shaikh.

This is Omar Shaikh -- co-owner of Third Street Market Hall, located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee -- hoping for an economic boost.

"It's going to be a massive economic impact," he said. "It's going to help a lot of employers of our businesses."

But for shake, it goes beyond the dollars.

"Show that we can handle convention of this size and it's going to be many more to come because of this one," said Shaikh.

Offering a call to action for his fellow Milwaukeeans.

"Put aside your political beliefs, like this is tremendous for the families," he said. "We want the business here"

The final selection of if Milwaukee will host the convention will be officially made this August.

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce sent out a statement saying:

"We would not have made it to this point without hard work and strong bipartisan support."
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