Businesses capture footage of high-speed chase that ends in three-car crash

NOW: Businesses capture footage of high-speed chase that ends in three-car crash

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58)-- "As soon as I heard that it's like, I think someone just crashed into something," said Cindy Kendzierski.

Neighbors were jolted awake after an overnight chase ended in a construction zone.

The chase started in Greenfield and ended in Milwaukee. Greenfield police say they followed the suspects for nearly three miles before they crashed at the intersection of 13th Street and Layton Avenue.

The whole thing was caught on cameras by a handful of nearby businesses. A surveillance camera from a nearby auto shop captured the crash. A different angle shows the suspects' car rolling over and finally resting on its roof.

Greenfield police also released dash cam video. They say two people in this car were wanted for a theft at a Meijer on West Layton Avenue. The chase reached speeds up to 90 miles per hour.

"It sounded like multiple sirens and it was coming closer and it sounded like maybe they were chasing someone, then all of a sudden I hear a big bang, it sounded like a crash,” said Kendzierski, who lives near the intersection.

The suspects' car hit two vehicles in the intersection. Three people were hurt, including the suspects. Video shows they were arrested before they were taken to the hospital.

"It is kind of unsettling,” said Kendzierski. “I take the bus so I'm always out at that corner and I always feel like I have to be extra cautious."

After the crash, video shows a number of squad cars rushing to the intersection, some cutting through the parking lots of nearby buildings.

Right now 13th Street and Layton Avenue is under construction. The intersection is swamped with safety barrels and uneven roads.

"It’s kind of dangerous especially with the construction,” adds Kendzierski. “People just seem to be speeding. They're not paying attention to the lights and they don't pay attention to me as a pedestrian, sometimes I feel invisible."

Charges have not been filed against the suspects. Greenfield police will have an update on this case Friday morning.

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