Bus stop controversy continues

It's the controversy that won't go away and now a Milwaukee County Supervisor plans on challenging the decision to move a bus stop at Southridge Mall.

\"While that policy is in place I will not shop at Southridge,\" said Supervisor Patricia Jursik.

Not only will she not shop there, she is the driving force behind B.U.S.S. an acronym for Bus User Safety at Southridge.

\"We plan on some broad actions, until southridge gets the message, we aren't going away,\" said Jursik.

A big message will be spread Wednesday at 11 a.m. when she and others against the decision will take the bus from Kelly Senior Center in Cudahy and end at Southridge Mall. A route many senior citizens take to shop. She's doing it in an effort to illustrate how tough the walk can be.

CBS  58's Lila Carrera reports.


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