Burlington Man Accused of Poisoning Wife with Visine

A Burlington man has been charged with trying to poison his wife after she told him she wanted a divorce.

Racine County Sheriff's deputies responded to the home of 46-year-old Darin Tiedt on March 12. His wife told investigators she saw her husband pour something from a small bottle into her Diet Coke, according to a criminal complaint.

When she confronted Tiedt he said it was only water. He then took a drink and immediately spit it out, according to a criminal complaint.

When she pressed her husband about the situation further he he grabbed her by the throat and squeezed for approximately 20 seconds, according to a criminal complaint.

Tiedt would be arrested and later charged with placing foreign objects in edibles, strangulation and suffocation, and misdemeanor battery. All charges came with domestic abuse assessments.

Tiedt's wife said she found a small bottle of Visine in one of her husband's pockets, according to a criminal complaint.

She also told investigators that she had told her husband one month ago that she wanted a divorce, according to the criminal complaint.

"[she] stated that in recent weeks her blood pressure has been up and down, she's had low energy, her vision has bee getting blurry and that she'd been having diarrhea," authorities reported in court documents.

Tiedt's children told investigators that their father had been "acting weirdly" and told them not to drink from their mother's cup, according to the criminal complaint.

CBS 58 News reached out to Tiedt's attorney for comment but have not gotten a response. A preliminary hearing on the case is scheduled for next Wednesday. The court places a restraining order on Tiedt so that he would not be allowed to have contact with his wife or children.

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