Burglary shocks an Elm Grove neighborhood

NOW: Burglary shocks an Elm Grove neighborhood

ELM GROVE (CBS 58) – An attempted burglary has people in a neighborhood in Elm Grove on high alert after a home owner was confronted at gunpoint by a suspect.

Officials say, luckily no one was injured. Five people are in custody; three of them are juveniles.

Police say it all took place just before midnight on Saturday on Clover Hill Road.

“It’s quiet. People take care of their lawns and their gardens,” says Mary Ellen Buta who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 10 years.

But things were different Saturday night when five people attempted to burglarize a home.

According to police, a homeowner heard pounding at the front and back of the home. When she walked to the front door she noticed it had been kicked in and a person was standing there pointing a firearm into the residence.

“It’s just terrible,” says Buta. “It’s kind of scary, especially when people are home. That’s pretty bold”.

After being confronted, officials say the suspects fled the scene in a vehicle parked nearby.

Police say neighboring agencies located the suspects in a vehicle that eluded police and crashed in the Village of Menomonee Falls.

Five suspects were taken into custody and one firearm was recovered.

Police later determined the car had been stolen from a burglary in a different jurisdiction.  Those suspects are ages 15,16,16,17, and 19.

Neighbors like Buta says they’re glad people are being held accountable for the crime, but say they’ll continue to be on alert.

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