Bucks Team Up with Froedtert to Develop Career Program at Carmen School

Helping local hospital fill vacant positions and getting students started on a career early.

Those are the big ideas behind a partnership between the Bucks NBA Team, Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin and the Carmen School of Science and Technology.

A student drumline with Bango the mascot, greeted supporters Monday with a special unveiling at the school which is considered the gold standard for developing programs for the most vulnerable of students, promoting further education and family supporting careers.

Before, the school would get students entry level clerical work to get their feet wet in the working world.

Now, they've started to build a career ready program that specifically targets healthcare and information technology. 

"Before they graduate from high school students will have taken courses for which they'll be able to get college credit," explained Dr. Patricia Hoben of The Carmen Schools.

"We sat down together to figure out a way to really affect change in a very quantifiable way," added Bucks President Peter Feigin.

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