Bucks submit safety plan which would allow fans back in the stands

NOW: Bucks submit safety plan which would allow fans back in the stands


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee County has announced changes to the number of people allowed at public social gatherings.

That move could mean the return of fans at sporting events, including Fiserv Forum.

Although there is no word on an exact date just yet, health officials do confirm the Bucks have submitted a safety plan and that approval is pending.

“Knowing that we are making these decisions very cautiously, very aware and very purposeful,” says Marlaina Jackson, interim commissioner of health for the city of Milwaukee.

Under the revised order, indoor gatherings can include up to 250 people with masks worn, attendees seated, and enough space to socially distance.

“Throughout our process, our gaining criteria -- which right now are generally positive -- could change,” says Jackson. “And understanding that that change could happen, we know that we have to remain flexible.”

An even larger number of attendees can be permitted with an approved safety plan. No word on the date or timeline for when fans could be allowed back into Fiserv, but officials say it’s all based off current numbers.

In an interview a few weeks ago, Peter Feigin, president of the Bucks, told CBS 58's Mike Strehlow about the upcoming return.

“We're planning to have modified fans at some level in the month of February, and in a perfect world, if things continue to evolve with the vaccine and numbers go down, how do we really continue to ratchet that number up as time goes on,” said Feigin.

“The Bucks and the Milwaukee Health Department have been meeting regularly to talk about their current plan they submitted,” says Jackson. “We are working with them to make sure we have fans moving forward.”

This change also includes a limited reopening of museums and public exhibition spaces.

It would also allow bars and restaurants counter service for ordering and pick-up.

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