Bucks scorekeeper has kept scorecard from every game the Bucks have played

NOW: Bucks scorekeeper has kept scorecard from every game the Bucks have played


GREENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- He's one Bucks icon you may not have heard of yet. 

Bob Wanek is the first and only scorekeeper the Bucks have ever had. 

He was on the sideline of every game since 1968, until this year. 

"I sit right next to the announcer and make sure it's done the right way," said Wanek from his Greendale home Monday morning. 

He held the job from 1968 when the team was created until last season.

"We've got computers now," said Wanek. "We never had computers in the beginning. But it's still the official book and that's the official score for the game."

He's talking about the paper scorecards that he's in charge of. 

He has a room in his home filled with boxes of every score-sheet from every game the team has ever played. 

"Lots of good memories" he said as he showed them to CBS 58. 

Since he's taken some time off for his health, people have been bringing him the scorecards this season. 

"It's tough not being there now," he said. "Lets put it that way. It's not the same, naturally."

As he looks back on all his years with the team, he's got tons of memories. 

"In the old days you'd work right through the playoffs," he recalled. 

He worked the 1971 Finals games. The team clinched the series during an away game. 

"So the celebration wasn't as great. When they came back they had a car parade," he remembers. 

He hopes the Bucks can take this series in game six at home, for the fans. 

Wanek says all of his card have come in handy. Someone recently asked him who made the first basket ever for the Milwaukee Bucks. He pulled out his cards and found out that it was John McLaughlin. 

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