Bucks Pedestrian Mall Designs Presented to City

The architect and design teams for the Milwaukee Bucks pedestrian mall presented their latest designs to the Public Works Committee Thursday morning.

It will sit on the sight of the former 4th and Highland parking structure.

The design team says the pedestrian mall will be a space that is flexible, can have multiple uses, and promotes activity.

For example, it can host farmers markets, concerts, small basketball tournaments and a number of green spaces for people to relax and do as they please.

Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin says this will be a year round destination and it's something that can transform the city.

"For the city, this is the big wow! This is a new thing that doesn't exist, you know? This isn't renovating, this isn't you know kind of putting a different spin, this is total transformation. This is a public plaza, that on scale does not exist in the city of Milwaukee," Feigin said.

The designs were approved unanimously by the Public Works Committee. They will be presented to the common council later this month.

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