Bucks fans pack the Deer District for Game 3 watch party

NOW: Bucks fans pack the Deer District for Game 3 watch party

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- The Milwaukee Bucks might not be playing at Fiserv Forum Sunday night, but fans are confident the energy and support in the Deer District can be felt all the way in Atlanta.

Some fans have waited 50 years to see the Bucks win a championship game.

"I was just a kid in the 70s when the Bucks took it. So, I'm really excited for another chance here," Tom Karakis said.

Others have waited their entire life.

"Lifelong Bucks fan, day one, it's awesome to see the team having some success finally," Alex Rodriguez sad.

Fans, old and new, are hopeful this time the Bucks will go all the way.

"The vibes are good. The situation is ideal, and I've got a very strong feeling, and that's why I'm leaving this shirt on until they win the championship," Steve Groh said.

Tens of thousands of fans can fit into the plaza in the Deer District to watch the Bucks in game 3. Fans hanging out here on Sunday are hopeful the team will still feel their support.

"The Bucks, you know, if they play as a team, I think they're going to have this in the bag tonight, but again the support from the city, I think is everything," Nick Vosler said.

Fans said a win for the team is a win for the city.

"I would just like to see some heart, some hustle, and hopefully a win," Rodriguez said.

Win or lose, fans said they'll continue to ship up here in the plaza for the Bucks throughout the series.

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