Bucks fans, businesses prepare for Game 1 of Eastern Conference finals

NOW: Bucks fans, businesses prepare for Game 1 of Eastern Conference finals

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bucks fever is spreading fast as Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals gets underway Wednesday, June 23.

Overall, fans are feeling confident. They think the Nets were a better team than the Hawks, so they think this series will be a breeze.

Down the street from Fiserv, less than 24 hours before Game 1, fans can't wait for the series to begin.

"I just feel like no competition. They're gonna beat everybody else," said Bucks fan Nigel Hicks.

"I got this hat a few years ago, which is one of their old school hats, and I got this for my graduation from my grandparents so I’m pretty excited about it," said fan Julian Provan.

Eastern Conference finals merchandise goes on sale starting at noon Wednesday, but some won't be buying any because they already have their lucky shirts.

"I mean If I got to wear this tomorrow night for them to win, I mean I will and I will for the rest of the series and in the finals. If that's what it takes to win, I'll do that for the team," said fan Andy Badman.

For those lucky enough to have a ticket, masks are still required.

The Mecca seats 700, but the beer garden is removing its picnic tables to get more fans in, and the Bucks put up an additional big screen where the Bradley Center used to be.

"It's just the excitement of being able to go out safely these days now...people have been pent up and we're just two months, barely into post-Covid if you will, so people are definitely ready to get out of the house," said Jack Roman, Cream City Concepts marketing director.

Bars offer another appeal.

"During the game, we are doing specials on our a macro domestic beers. So come on down and get some cheap beer," said Marty Petricca, Major Goolsby's general manager.

"Probably start rolling in around 5:30, 5:30 if you can. It'll just gradually start filling up. We have a lot of space, a lot of tables and a lot of TVs, but you don't want to be left out," said Leff's Lucky Town Manager Mike Szohr. 

It's all hands on deck as bars expect big crowds. 

They're stocking up on beer, especially Coors Lite, which is a big seller on game nights at Leff's.

The game begins at 7:30 p.m.

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