Bucks fan artists creating game posters, pieces to support team

NOW: Bucks fan artists creating game posters, pieces to support team

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Joe Till and Allen Witkowski are Bucks fan artists that have attracted attention this season.

Till is known for his “What If” piece of Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James.

“No one has resonated with me more than the Bucks,” he said. “Basketball is one of my favorite sports. I love everything about the game.”

Till has been able to turn his passion into a career.  The “What If” piece was done for ESPN, he’s designed a t-shirt that is sold in the Bucks Pro Shop and he’s also done a mural for Bucks Gaming.

“If you work hard and really try to master your craft, you can do some pretty incredible things,” he said.

Witkowski creates game posters that he puts on social media each game day.

"I read this article back in December in the New York Times about how the Portland Trailblazers have an artist make a new poster for every home game and I said why don't the Bucks, the best team in the NBA have that?” he said.

Ever since, Witkowski has been creating the posters and puts them on social media.

Since then, he’s developed a following.

“Now it’s kind of expected that there’s going to be a poster on game day,” he said.

You can find both artists on Instagram at @JoeTillStudios and @AllenJWitkowski.

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