Bucks arena construction in final stages

NOW: Bucks arena construction in final stages

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The new Bucks arena is about 90% complete. All of the main structures are in and now it’s down to the final details.

The arena will have 17,500 seats. There’s only a few hundred more chairs to install in the upper concourse. Ten thousand people will be able to fit into the lower bowl.

Right now, the scoreboard and technology is going through testing. There are two traditional suites still available for sale. There will also be group suite options that can fit anywhere from 30 to 180 people that were designed to give fans an “at home feel”.

One thing fans will notice in the new arena is different lighting.


“We want everyone to actually see each other. We want it to be light, bright, clean to get around the arena so we went a different direction. We really didn’t want that theater lighting. We wanted the arena to be a little bit brighter but what you’re seeing is the next generation of LED lights,” said Peter Feigin.

Feigin says artwork will be one of the last things added to the arena. He says there will be pieces from more than 30 local artists. The grand opening of the arena is scheduled for September. There is still no word on naming rights.

What else is coming?

  • Marketplace for specialty foods on the upper concourse
  • The stadium is designed to have unique features on all levels
  • Six retail locations. One will be open even when there are no events at the arena
  • Above the upper concourse seat level is panoramic level with an outdoor terrace
  • Set of group suites will accommodate a party of 30 up to 180
  • There will be hundreds of pieces of artwork contributed by local artists
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