Bucks and NBA stand to benefit financially from championship win

NOW: Bucks and NBA stand to benefit financially from championship win

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Bucks' success will benefit the team financially.

Fans have been snapping up merchandise all week and a sports business expert said that will also help the league.

"Paid $190 for the jersey, $40 for the shirt -- I mean, the hat, and I bought four shirts also, 'cause Bucks in six, so Chris had to go broke," laughed Bucks fan Christopher Sims.

Not every fan we spoke to is ready to drop a quick $340.

"I already have a little Giannis shirt, so maybe if I see something, but it really depends if I can convince myself if it will be worth the money," said Bucks fan Elizabeth Stawski.

But the Bucks and the NBA stand to make a lot of money, now and in the future.

"It's great news to be an owner, going to see a lot of revenue coming in, in various different forms," said San Diego State University Sports MBA Director Scott Minto.

He said the Bucks' front office will likely be looking for more corporate partnerships, raise ticket prices, and cash in on the success of their superstar and team.

"It really is going to raise all the ships, this championship is going to be the tide that raises everything in terms of the Bucks organization," said Minto.

Although, Minto said, they'll have to perform a balancing act.

"A lot of new fans will want to come in, they'll have a lot of loyal fans that have been with them through thick and thin over the last 50 years and it's a challenge to make sure those fans stay happy," said Minto.

Still, fans tell us they want their team to be number one on the court, and in merchandise sales.

"Yeah, by the way everybody came out and participated, definitely," said Bucks fan Clifton Wilson.

The NBA has a profit sharing agreement in place, so not all the money generated here will stay.

However, with Giannis on a long-term contract and plans to build out the area around Fiserv, the Bucks have plans to be a destination for years to come.

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