Brushing up on Self-Defense Skills: Helps to Keep Your Holiday Joyful, Not Jolting

The yuletide spirit runs highs this time of year.  So why have a criminal ruin all the fun?  It never hurts to learn some good self-defense tips, especially when you're around the mall.  The folks over at Monkey Bar Gym in Milwaukee's Third Ward spent a little time with me during today's morning show, doling out some sound advice.  The first is self-awareness.  In other words, know your surroundings and listen to your instinct.  If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.  Also, be ready to take action if necessary.

The experts say the eyes and the groin area are two good target spots when defending yourself.  For the next few weeks, the Monkey Bar Gym will offer several self-defense classes.  Click on the attached link for more information.  

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