Brown Deer Police search for man allegedly involved in armed robbery

Brown Deer Police are searching for a suspect in the armed robbery of the World Food and Petro Mart in Brown Deer on August 15. 

The armed robbery happened at 6:59 AM at 4685 West Bradley Road.  

One of the suspects has been identified as Shaun Woods or Nealshaun Woods. 

Two suspects entered the store with suspect 1 asking the clerk to purchase cigarettes and cigars while suspect 2 waited by the door.  Suspect 1 then produced a black revolver and pointed it at the clerk demanding money, cigarettes and cigars. 

After obtaining an unknown amount of currency, both suspects fled the store on foot and then entered a black Chevy Monte Carlo that was parked in the parking lot. 

The first suspect is currently in custody and charges are pending at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.  

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