Brown Deer Police Respond for Woman Tied Up in Basement; Find Out Woman's Facebook Account Hacked

A Milwaukee woman realized her Facebook account had been hacked after Brown Deer Police notified her she was posting about being tied up in a basement.

According to Brown Deer Police, a 24-year-old Milwaukee woman reported she received a Facebook message from a friend at 12:46 AM.

The message came from a 31-year-old Milwaukee woman’s Facebook page and it indicated she was tied up in the basement of a building.

Officers responded and checked the residence and found all was in order.

Phone contact was made with the 31 year old woman who stated her cell phone was stolen two to three weeks ago. This phone had her Facebook password on it.

The 31-year-old also received another phone call from another friend describing the same message the 24-year-old received.

The 31-year-old reset her password for her Facebook account and advised she was fine.  

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