Bronze Fonz returns from makeover with March 11 celebration

Milwaukee (CBS 58) -- Early in February, concerned people throughout Milwaukee took note of an absence along the downtown RiverWalk.

The Bronze Fonz was nowhere to be found. 

Though it was quickly reported that the beloved statue hadn't absconded for a waterskiing vacation in California, rather the likeness of Fonzie was enjoying a winter refresh at Vanguard Sculpture Services. 

According to Visit Milwaukee, Vanguard recommended removing the Fonz's paint and replacing it with a traditional patina for bronze, providing easier upkeep and maintenance. 

As an homage to “Happy Days” character Arthur Fonzarelli, the Bronze Fonz was created by Artist Gerald P. Sawyer. Fonzarelli (aka “Fonzie”) was the slicked-hair biker with a relaxed demeanor from the popular sitcom set in 1950s Milwaukee.

After more than a month away from the elements, the Bronze Fonz returns to his outdoor post on Fri., March 11 during a 1 p.m. event including speeches by local dignitaries, the announcement of the winner of the Bronze Fonz Challenge and an official unveiling. 

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