Community roundtable discuss impact of Trump policies in Milwaukee

NOW: Community roundtable discuss impact of Trump policies in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The coalition Opportunity Wisconsin held a roundtable at Coffee Makes You Black on Milwaukee’s north side.

Community members and local officials gathered for the small, yet lively discussion. The topic was President Trump's economic policies on a range of topics from jobs, healthcare and student loans.

"We're seeing that it's a trickle-down negative effect," Alderwoman Chantia Lewis said.

The group says while Trump touts how great the economy is, the working and middle class are struggling.

"He made many promises to the middle class and the lower class that he would lower taxes, provide more jobs, and we found overwhelmingly, that that was a lie. He's broken all of those promises," said Marcelia Nicholson, vice-chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

The Trump administration doesn’t see it that way. Anna Kelly, Trump Victory spokesperson said in a statement, "Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, Wisconsin has added more than 37,000 jobs, elevated more than 35,000 Wisconsinites out of poverty, and lifted more than 96,000 people off of food stamps. President Trump’s pro-growth policies are benefiting Wisconsin workers, businesses, and families alike.”

However, small business owners at the roundtable said it’s been difficult to make ends meet. "When I make a profit from my business, do I take that profit and put it back in my business or do I buy food, groceries and lights?"

Ultimately, those at the coffee shop said they want to see policies benefit more Americans.

Opportunity Wisconsin plans to continue roundtable discussions throughout the state with hopes of sparking legislative change.

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