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Brewers Prospect Breaks His Own Car Window with Home Run

(CBSSports) Smashing car windows with batting practice home runs is nothing new. We see a bunch every year in spring training. Already this spring Kyle SchwarberNelson Cruz, and Maikel Franco have done it. You'd think people would know better than to park close to the outfield wall by now.

On Saturday, Brewers prospect Jacob Nottingham managed to break not just any car window with a batting practice homer. He broke his own car window with a batting practice homer. He posted the aftermath on Twitter:

Geez, Notthingham really did some damage there, huh? Most of the time you see a big spiderweb crack and that's about it. Looks like he managed to crush a ball right through his rear window. That's some pop.

It's no surprise then Nottingham hit 17 home runs in 119 Class A games last year, which is impressive output for a 20-year-old catcher. He's also been traded for some brand names in the last nine months: Scott Kazmir and Khris Davis. Nice start to the career, eh?

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