Brewers Play Cricket at Spring Training

Two U.S. cricket team members visited Maryvale Baseball Park on Wednesday.

They swapped sports stories with Ryan Braun and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, but then the Brewers tried on the cricket gear and took their swings against bowler David Pieters.

“It's really cool, really cool anytime you get to experience something like that and have some pros out to teach you a little bit about it. It's not something that we're used to in the states, but certainly a global game and it's really fun to watch,” said Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Brewers outfielder.

“I pitched it about 50%, but it was fun I had a good time with them. I'm not sure I can swing the baseball bat any better, so (laughs),” said David Pieters, bowler, U.S. cricket team member.

The U.S. team is headed to Uganda next for an international tournament. 

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