"It's just really humbling:" Brewers help build Habitat for Humanity home

NOW: “It’s just really humbling:“ Brewers help build Habitat for Humanity home

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Brewers’ Ryan Braun sported a hard hat before putting on a baseball cap Tuesday.

He’s working side by side with Sade Franklin, helping build her new home with Habitat for Humanity.

Braun was joined by teammates Chase Anderson and Christian Yelich along with the Racing Sausages to kick off the build season.

They helped volunteers raise the walls of seven new houses being built near 29th and Garfield on Milwaukee’s north side.

“I think we all realize how fortunate we are to be in the position that we are. The support we receive from the community is incredible. Our fan base is so special, so for all of us as an organization to be a part of giving back and letting them know we are so thankful for everything they do for us is something we feel fortunate to be a part of,” said Braun.

“My kids can be like ‘my Mama built our house.’ Blood, sweat, and tears, everything came into this house,” said Franklin.

Franklin has three young boys who were hoping to get something out of the Brewers visit. "They were so excited, they wanted to miss school for it. I'm like, no!"

Instead of a day off of school, Franklin homes they'll learn a more important lesson. "It should mean a lot to them because look, baseball players helped build their house. Just imagine, what if they become players and help build someone else's house."

"It's just really humbling to be a part of something like this to give back to the community that gives so much to us. I'm really enjoying being a part of this and it's fun getting your hands dirty," said Anderson.

Habitat for Humanity hopes to build, rehab, and repair 100 homes in the city’s midtown neighborhood over the next three years.

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