Brewers donate over 10,000 bat and ball sets

The Milwaukee Brewers announced the donation of several thousand plastic bat & ball sets to every student, grades K-3 through the 3rd Grade, in the Waukesha School District. The announcement was made Friday at a press conference at Heyer Elementary School. Members of the team’s front office including Broadcaster Lane Grindle, Manager of Youth Outreach Larry Hisle, Principal of Heyer Elementary Mark Schneider, school staff, as well as players Jacob Barnes, Wily Peralta and Eric Sogard were on hand for the announcement and ensuing mini-clinics.

"We are very excited to host Play Ball weekend," said Mark Schneider, Principal of Heyer Elementary. "It gives our kids the opportunity to connect with baseball and softball and kick off their summer activities. We are so grateful to the Brewers and Major League Baseball for their generous donation of the bat and ball sets. Let's get outside and play ball!"

Each child received a brand new “Play Ball” bat and ball set, delivered to each school in the Waukesha District courtesy of the Brewers and Chevrolet. The effort is part of “Play Ball Weekend,” a Major League Baseball initiative, which is taking place today through Sunday.

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball launched “Play Ball” as the sport’s largest effort to encourage widespread participation in both formal and informal baseball activities. The goal of the program is to give kids the opportunity to enjoy the game in a fun environment by highlighting the many ways baseball can be played and introduce kids to the sport who otherwise may not have the chance to experience it. Additionally, the program offers a healthy and active lifestyle option where many of those opportunities are offered less frequently.

“Play Ball is a program that is already paying dividends, with youth baseball and softball reporting a healthy increase this year in participation among children across the country,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger. “By providing the basic equipment to play the game, this is a great opportunity to help promote the importance of fitness and exercise as well as spread the love of the game to youth in our community.”

Following the press conference, the players engaged with the children and put on a mini-clinic. The players demonstrated basic skills and taught useful lessons about the game.

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