Brett Favre on Packers exit: "How did it get to this point?"

\"I think at some point what crossed my mind was, 'How did it ever get to this point?'\"

That's what was going through legendary Packers QB Brett Favre's head on his last day with the organization back in 2008, as revealed in a new interview with ESPN. Favre also talked about his final meetings with head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson, and how the relationship between himself and Packers management deteriorated.

\"I got a sense that there wasn't many options on my part. It was frustrating, and I know it was frustrating for them, as well,\" Favre said.
\"When I left, it was like, I don't know if we're any closer than where we need to be when I got there that morning. Emotions were running high, but all in all I think it was pretty cordial, considering the circumstances.\"

Favre said he wanted to be released or traded to another team in the NFC North, likely the Minnesota Vikings (where he later ended up) but was frustrated when he got the feeling that Packers management didn't think he was good enough to start for them, but didn't want him starting against them.
Favre is set to return to Lambeau next week to be inducted into the team's Hall Of Fame and will later have his number retired on the Thanksgiving night game against the Chicago Bears, and he says that over the years his relationship with the two men has improved.

\"Every time I played against Ted or when I was with the Jets and threw six touchdown passes against the Cardinals, which was the only time in my career I ever did that, Ted sent me a message,\" Favre said to ESPN. \"It was always, 'Nice job. Congratulations. Amazing game.' The day that I left in my meeting with Ted, he has a way of killing you with kindness. He doesn't say a lot, but I've known Ted ever since I got to Green Bay and always got along with him. I can't say that things were mended [at that point], but I responded to texts in a polite way myself. And Mike, there came a point where he and I started exchanging messages, I think it was after I got done playing.\"

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