BREAKING: Assembly passes Bucks arena plan, moves to Gov. Walker

Update: The State Assembly passed the arena funding 52-34 just before 1:00 pm Tuesday.

In a rare press conference featuring lawmakers from both parties, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos confidently announced the arena funding plan for the Milwaukee Bucks will pass the state assembly today.  Vos, joined by some Assembly Republicans, was also joined by Assembly Minority leader Peter Barca and other Assembly Democrats.  It was a rare bipartisan showing in Madison.  The two said the Bucks arena plan will help the entire state.  Barca said organized labor is happy with the deal too because it can help bring good jobs to southeastern Wisconsin.  Vos said there shouldn't be any amendments which means the plan can move to Governor Scott Walker.

The group \"Save our Bucks\" has continued to push for support over the past two weeks.  They urged people to contact their state lawmaker to voice their support.  Paul Henning has led the charge and says he's happy with the results.  But says he understands how difficult it can be for some lawmakers to sell the plan.

\"It's more the optics of the political climate right now that are having a lot of out-state assembly members trouble supporting this and selling it to their constituents,\" Henning said Tuesday.  \"This is going to provide revenue for the future for the state of Wisconsin. The cuts right now are the short-term, the Bucks providing revenue is the long-term.\"

Henning was confident the Assembly would pass it because the State Senate - long thought to be the main obstacle - passed it earlier this month.

\"I think the senate helped set the table,\" Henning said.  \"I think the bipartisan support and the number of votes that were received was surprising to the public. I think internally they knew there was good support, it was just the matter of getting a deal that everybody was happy with and could be happy voting yes on.

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