Bottom Line: Sex offender ordinance goes up for public debate

MILWAUKEE -- In 2007 Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski first came up with the idea of placing all the city's sex offenders in just a few compact areas. That proposed ordinance was ultimately defeated. But now, 7 years later, Zielinski is proposing something very similar and it was up in front of the common council committee earlier Thursday.

During a Bottom Line Report, CBS 58 News shed light on the fact that sex offenders in Milwaukee can live wherever they want. We brought the issue to Alderman Tony Zielinski, who introduced a new ordinance.

He says the main issue is that many of the surrounding communities all have sex offender living restrictions, and so 89% of the counties offenders now live in Milwaukee. But the hearing on Thursday proves not everyone in the city is thrilled about his proposed ordinance.

Alderman Terry Witkowski says his district, district 13, would end up with 185 offender housing units. While 10 of the other 15 districts would have zero.

Milwaukee's District Attorney says he wants to hold off on any decisions because he wants the state to put in a facility to handle the worst offenders.

The city is giving the state one month to respond, and will bring the issue back up in July.

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