Both sides of streetcar debate make final argument before vote

 Politicians on both sides of the streetcar debate are making their final arguments before the proposed project heads to the Milwaukee Common Council for a vote on January 21.

Milwaukee Aldermen held a morning news conference to ask city residents to support the proposed streetcar project. Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman said the project will add construction jobs to Milwaukee. \"Yes, this is about economic development, first and foremost, in the form of increasing the tax base of the city,\" said Alderman Bauman. \"Secondly, it's about a starter system which can be expanded to serve numerous areas in the city.\" Click here to view the proposed expansion

Alderman Bauman told CBS 58 he believes he has enough support from his fellow aldermen to approve this project. 

A group of Milwaukee Alderman opposed to the proposed streetcar project are holding an afternoon news conference. Tune into CBS 58 News at 5 for Lila Carrera's report.

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