Bond set for alleged QAnon attacker who fired paintballs at Army Reserve members

NOW: Bond set for alleged QAnon attacker who fired paintballs at Army Reserve members

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Bond has been set for an alleged QAnon supporter accused of a paintball attack at the Army Reserve center in Pewaukee.

Ian Olson could get out of jail with just a signature, but not just yet.

Olson remains in jail on a federal judge's order.

Police seized a gas mask, knives and military-style vest plates from Olson's car, which was also painted with several letter Qs after the attack.

The letter Q has come to symbolize a baseless conspiracy theory that top Democrats are part of a child-killing cult.

"We could only refer charges based on the initial part of the investigation, and I think the District Attorney's Office made the decision they made knowing full well we had more follow up to do," said Pewaukee Police Chief Timothy Heier.

He's fine with Olson's bond, because the federal government leveled more serious charges against Olson. Olson's accused of shooting paintballs through what looked like an AR-15 while yelling, "This is for America."

"Anytime an unprovoked attack on a person, an entity or a facility, is of great concern to us," said Heier.

The Waukesha County District Attorney's Office asked the judge to add a no weapons restriction to Olson's bond Wednesday morning, March 24.

Given the nature of the case, that is an appropriate non-monetary condition to add to bail," said Assistant District Attorney Lindsey Hirt.

"Are we going to say 'and no paintball equipment?'" asked the judge.

"That'll be my request," said Hirt.

Olson's attorney Tom Simon didn't object.

"I do not at this time. Given that he's still in custody and on hold in the federal case, that may be an issue that we raise later," said Simon.

Simon declined to be interviewed Wednesday, saying he was just hired the other day. He said it is possible he could argue for Olson's release once he's fully registered in the federal case.

Olson has a hearing next week in federal court where he will enter a plea.

He'll appear in Waukesha County court again in May.

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