Body cameras for Milwaukee Police Officers

Milwaukee - There is a push for the Milwaukee Police Department to purchase body cameras after the death of Dontre Hamilton.

The 31-year-old man was shot 14 times by an officer at Red Arrow back in April during a scuffle for the officer's baton.

A lot of questions about what led to the altercation between Hamilton and the officer remain unanswered.

The incident has raised the question if the officer had been wearing a body camera, could the issue have been resolved by now?

“As you know the mayor has put funding for the body cameras in the 2015 and the police department is moving forward.” Assistant Police Chief James Harpole.

CBS 58 spoke with the Sturtevant Police Department. The department has been using body cameras since April of this year.

Officer Matt Bieganski told CBS 58 the body cameras can record footage and audio.

\"You can hear the beep, lets me know it's recording. Not only is it recording audio and video from now on, it's also recording the last 30 seconds of video the officer saw before he hit the record button.\" Officer Matt Bieganski.

\"Whenever we get a call or dispatched somewhere, the camera comes on. At the end of the call, the camera goes off.\" Officer Matt Bieganski.

Since 2012, The Milwaukee Police Department has been in the process of purchasing body cameras for officers to use in the field.

\"One of the things that need to be taken into account when we look at a use of force investigation is what the officer is's going to aid any kind of investigation like that.\" Officer Matt Bieganski.

The Sturtevant Police Department received a $4,000 grant from the Wisconsin department of transportation.

The police department has 12 body cameras.


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