Blind Dog From The Wisconsin Humane Society Finds a New and Loving Home

MILWAUKEE - It was a happy ending for a Wisconsin Humane Society pup. A 9-year-old miniature poodle mix by the name of Hermione was adopted by a loving family yesterday.

Hermione came to The Humane Society from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC). She had a congenital condition which caused an unusually small right eye and a misshapen and opaque left eye. This left her completely blind. Hermione had led a rough life as evident by her missing teeth, missing toe, and the scar on her back. But, everything changed for the better yesterday.

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society, a woman named Geraldine and her little pup TJ made Hermione part of their family. Geraldine had a blind dog in the past who she loved and cherished. Therefore, she knew Hermione would be the perfect fit for their family. When the two dogs were introduced to each other, TJ instinctively started guiding Hermione around the room. It was a perfect fit.

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