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Black Lives Matter Milwaukee calling for charges against Lyft driver who fired upon passengers he thought were going to rob him

Black Lives Matter Milwaukee is demanding charges be filed against the local Lyft driver who fired upon a group of passengers near the Brookfield Square Mall.

The incident happened back on November 29th.

The driver told CBS 58 News that he thought he was going to be robbed.

That explanation is not holding water with the Black Lives group which gathered Thursday with community groups to discuss potential strategies.

"A driver shot at four people when he wasn't even supposed to have a gun," Virgil Sargeant with Black Lives said, referring to the no weapons policy of the ride-sharing service.

Sargeant says she's speaking for the mother of one of the four men.

The only one to be brought into police custody and charged in a separate cell phone and identity theft case.

None of the men was hit, but the family believes they were shot at because they are black.

They are pointing out the driver's race. He is white.

Sargeant says there has got to be some type of prosecution.

"Like assault with a deadly weapon. Or attempted murder. Some form of accountability for this action to make sure it sends a message it's not okay to shoot people because you don't like them."

The driver told CBS 58 that the men acted suspiciously that night. They asked him about how much money he made and changed their destination to a darkened area.

He's convinced one of them dropped a gun in the back seat of his SUV.

That's why he decided to stop and fire what he calls warning shots as they ran away. 

"Did you ever see them with a gun?" asked anchor Michele McCormack.

"Yes," replied the driver who spoke out as long as CBS 58 agreed to protect his identity. " When I heard that ping I looked in my rear view mirror. Am I 100 percent positive it's a gun? No. Am I 99.8 percent positive it's a gun? Yeah. I was scared s*******."

The family of the one man who was arrested says nobody had a gun.

They also claim each man has more money in their pocket than the Lyft driver.

Brookfield Police say their investigation is impeded because the three other men that night have refused to come forward to tell investigators what happened.

To see the Lyft driver's complete interview click here

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