Black Caucus challenges Robin Vos voter fraud investigation

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Black Caucus Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Michelle Bryant, responded to Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) voter fraud investigation regarding Milwaukee's handling of the recent November general election.

According to a news release, Vos directed the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee to use its subpoena powers to target Milwaukee's handling of the election, raising concerns about "mail-in ballot dumps and voter fraud".

"Republicans have worked to suppress Black voters for years," Bryant said in a statement. "When misleading ads, disparate legislative policies, and voter intimidation doesn't work, they trot out voter fraud. Like clockwork, members of the GOP, both locally and nationally, have no shame in constantly trying to insinuate that African-Americans and urban voters are inherently dishonest, when it comes to voting."

Bryant said it is time to tell the truth and "shame the devil".

"If Vos wants to investigate voter fraud or irregularities, I have some suggestions," Bryant said. "Look in a mirror and then look at your party. Black voters and Wisconsin deserve better leadership than this." 

You can read the full statement below: 

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