Big storm late this weekend

It could be the first big winter storm of the season for the Midwest. How many of you are excited to hear this news? It doesn’t come with great timing because this storm system could impact the region as early as Sunday, while some of you are traveling after a nice, long Thanksgiving vacation.

There are plenty of uncertainties with this storm system, so expect changes from now until late this weekend. Right now, the track of the low appears to drop just south of us, how far south? That’s important since typically the heaviest snowfall will be kicked up about 100-200 miles near the center of the low. Models are sending the low near Chicago, or in central IL. Either way, both will be optimal positions for snowfall in Wisconsin.

Until we know the approximate track of the low, this will help us decide how much cold or warm air will be available for the storm system. Once this is figured out, we can make an estimate how much snow, or rain we could see. It does look like there will be ample moisture available with this storm system. The computer models are all over the place with snowfall totals! 

The timing will be from Sunday, into Monday, through early Tuesday. More details to follow!

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