Biden holds virtual rally for Milwaukee, virtual roundtable for La Crosse

NOW: Biden holds virtual rally for Milwaukee, virtual roundtable for La Crosse

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Joe Biden held a virtual "rally" for Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon, after hosting a virtual roundtable with La Crosse Democrats Wednesday morning.

Increasingly, that is the strategy candidates are using to win the White House.

Republicans say President Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, is the one to bring Wisconsin and the nation back from economic devastation caused by coronavirus.

“The president’s policies are going to take us forward," Rep Bryan Steil, R-WI. said. We rebuilt this economy in the first three years. We were punched in the face by an invisible virus.”

Joe Biden utilized the virtual outlets to try to convince Wisconsinites he is the man for the job.

“Bringing us back from the brink is going to take a monumental effort," Biden said. "We need to put an end to the health crisis.”

It was a day of campaigning for Wisconsin, with neither candidate actually in state.

UWM professor Mordecai Lee said voters will have to get used to that strategy.

“He’s not in Wisconsin," Lee said. "He’s in his basement in Delaware, and so to a certain extent, what today symbolizes is the new political normal.”

The Trump Victory Campaign told reporters they’ve set up 250 virtual meetings in a Wednesday conference call.

Lee says winning the race could come down to mastering the digital campaign.

“It’s sort of like an arms race," Lee said. "A digital arms race. Where the democrats and republicans are trying to figure out a secret sauce, so that online campaigning feels almost as real, as real campaigning.”

Wisconsin is just the second state Biden has held these kinds of virtual events in, only holding them in Florida first.

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