'Beyond our wildest dreams': Milwaukee cashes in on successful season as sports powerhouse

NOW: ’Beyond our wildest dreams’: Milwaukee cashes in on successful season as sports powerhouse

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee is cashing in on a successful sports year.

The Bucks Championship run brought in more than $57 million, and the city has high hopes for that number to keep growing as the Brewers head to the playoffs.

"A lot of screaming. A lot of excited people," Leff's Lucky Town General Manager Mike Szohr said. 

Leff's Lucky Town has seen its fair share of excited Milwaukee sports fans, but this weekend was something special.

"We had the Ryder Cup. We had everything else going on this weekend, but clinching the division, that was the highlight," Szohr said. "We're big Brewer fans. Always have been, always will be."

Visit Milwaukee estimates the Bucks Championship run brought in $57.6 million.

"Beyond our wildest dreams," Visit Milwaukee Director of Communications Claire Koenig said. "To have over $50 million in economic impact, that is absolutely amazing, and it's a huge testament to the way the Bucks activated the Deer District."

Whether it's crowding into the Deer District or sitting at your local bar, the Bucks proved that Milwaukee sports fans don't want to watch the big games alone.

"We all want to watch these together. It is way more fun when we're together as opposed to sitting at home watching on the couch," Koenig said.

Local sports bars, like Leff's, are ready to host fans for it all.

"It's been great, especially coming out of COVID. People are starting to go out again, and with the sports teams doing so well, it's giving them more reason to go out," Szohr said.

Local bars and restaurants are already making plans to host watch parties for Brewers fans.

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