Better Business Bureau releases 12 scams to look out for this holiday season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released an article in November with a list of 12 scams to look out for during the 2021 holiday season as millions across the globe shop and visit businesses for gifts, resources and new items.

According to the BBB, consumers should be mindful of the following fraudulent schemes that are most likely to catch consumers and donors off guard during this holiday season.

1. Misleading Social Media Ads

2. Social Media Gift Exchanges

3. Holiday Apps

4. Alerts About Compromised Accounts

5. Free Gift Cards

6. Temporary Holiday Jobs

7. Look-Alike Websites: 

8. Fake Charities

9. Fake Shipping Notifications

10. Pop Up Holiday Virtual Events

11. Top Holiday Wishlist Items

12. Puppy Scams

"Many of the scams on this list are facilitated through emails and social media platforms, however, the latter is where most people are vulnerable," the BBB said in the article. "Exercise caution when coming across social media ads about discounted items, event promotions, job opportunities, and donation requests, as well as direct messages from strangers. If you are asked to make a payment or donation by wire or e-transfer, through third parties, by prepaid debit or gift cards, treat this as a red flag."

For more information on the 12 scams and more advice from the BBB, click HERE.

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