Beloit Man Fights to Keep Therapy Geese

A beloved gaggle of geese considered therapy pets could be removed from their Beloit home.

Bob Sparks disabled from a car accident thought the geese were allowed under the same ordinance that allows chickens.

But the town administrator says that's not the case and gave him ten days to get rid of the animals.

Bob can take out a variance request, but there's no guarantee the geese exception will be granted.

 "Once something gets in your heart, and it's there, it's embedded in you, and they're embedded in me and I'm embedded in them,” said Bob Sparks.

Sparks started a change dot org petition to keep his Fred and Ethel and Ricky and Lucy.

It already has one thousand signatures.

The DNR says the domesticated swan goose is not considered a wild animal meaning licensing and containment rules do not apply, but township regulations do.

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