Beer and Jesus Takes Unique Approach to Religion

CBS 58—A group is taking a different approach to religion, in an attempt to open up the idea of faith and God to everyone.

Beer and Jesus meets monthly at different bars ad pubs and no matter what your beliefs, everyone is welcome.

“What I found to be true in churches is that a lot of people are obviously spiritually interested in a church but there’s conversations and topics that are just taboo, they’re off the table, you can’t talk about it,” said Pastor Brandon Brown, who runs Beer and Jesus.

At meetings of Beer and Jesus nothing is off limits.

“Right at the beginning of every time we meet, I say replace your outrage with curiosity,” Brown said.

The group meets at different bars each month to have a drink or two and talk about God, religion and Jesus.

Brown says some people who come believe in following the teachings of Jesus, others just believe he’s a historical figure and some don’t believe in him at all.

The goal of having the conversation outside a typical church setting is to make people comfortable expressing their beliefs and asking questions.

“For me, even just having it in a bar makes a statement about how open we’re gonna be versus what I grew up with,” Brown said.

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