Bee experts share how residents can participate on No Mow May

NOW: Bee experts share how residents can participate on No Mow May

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As spring has already begun, some bee enthusiasts are encouraging No Mow May. They're also suggesting alternatives if residents in Southeast Wisconsin have to mow their lawns.

"No Mow May is a great idea to allow the plants to grow to the point where flowers can start to happen in the beginning of spring to feed our bees," said Beevangelist Charlie Koenen.

The No Mow May is spearhead by Lawrence University professor Dr. Israel Del Toro. The goal is to boost the bee population after a steady decrease.

Studies showed that five times the number of bees and three times the bee species were found in lawns that were not mowed.

Bee expert Broke Gilley of Wehr Nature Center said all bees, especially native bees, need the pollen to grow and feed their families.

Some city ordinances in Southeast Wisconsin have rules that require residents to cut down their lawns. Koenen said there's still ways people can help.

"There are many ways that you can try and help the bees and some of it is by buying honey from a local bee keeper at a farmers market or something like that. Some of it is keeping bees, so we're building bee hives here. The other thing is to look at native pollinator hives or these little ones that are easy to take care of," said Koenen.

Gilley also shared that residents can integrate the appropriate native plants in a patio or garden that can attract bees.

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