Beating the winter blues

 The winter blues is a real thing. Doctors say at least four to six percent of the population suffers from seasonal affective disorder or depression caused by lack of sunlight. 

\"They come in with  the long faces and when they leave they have a big smile and they're ready to face the day and its a nice way to forget you're in cold wintry Wisconsin,\" said Elizabeth Sherwinski. 

Sherwinski knows all about the wintertime blues. She owns a local tanning salon and her customers tell her they stop in to  escape the frozen tundra. 

\"A lot of the people that are coming in are doing so for their mood and the fact that there's just no sun. So I think they just get a little depressed,\" she said. 

Sherwinski says it works for her customers.

\"You're around the grey you're in the grey you're in the cold. Then once they get that little bit of color you can see their moods just start rising,\" she said.  

But it doesn't feel like cold wintry Wisconsin at Country Springs hotel in Waukesha.

\"They come in here and they're like oh my gosh its humid and 86 so they can walk around in shorts and be comfortable and they don't have to sit around their cold houses,\" said Sara Zander, who works at the hotel. 

The indoor waterpark is an escape for freezing Wisconsinites with lots of fun for the kids.

 \"We have the indoor and outdoor hot tub and all the slides. And it's still warm,\" said Zander.  

And when it's too cold to even go sledding or play out in the snow, how about rock climbing instead? 

\"You can climb for the rest of the day until you get tired. It's really a good way ot get a full workout and not necessarily freeze in the winter months,\" said Joey Laforge.  

But if you want to make these plans yours move fast. All businesses we spoke with say they're keeping very busy. 

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