Be wise, take AARP’s “Smart Driver” Class

NOW: Be wise, take AARP’s “Smart Driver” Class

You can think of AARP’s “Smart Driver” course like Drivers Ed for the “older crowd.” There’s one practically offered every day, including tomorrow in Greenfield. It’s four hours of classroom instruction with new and updated material, like handling roundabouts. The session allows drivers to freshen up their knowledge of the roads and understand how to adjust to age-related challenges.

If you can’t attend the 4-hour class, you have an online option as well. Again, the one in Greenfield is at the area community center. It starts at 12:30 on Tuesday. Some insurance carriers actually offer discounts for taking the class. You must pre-register. Click here to do so and learn all you need to know about AARP’s “Smart Driver.” You can also call 877-390-8806 to sign up.

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