'Be mindful:' Local department offers home safety tips as part of Fire Prevention Week

’Be mindful: ’ Local department offers home safety tips as part of Fire Prevention Week

SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Fire Prevention Week is underway at departments across the nation.

As part of the annual awareness campaign, local firefighters are sharing tips on how to keep your family safe as more people are spending time at home.

The focus of this year’s Fire Prevention Week is kitchen safety. South Milwaukee Fire Department Captain Craig Boschke said it is important to never leave a stove or oven unattended while cooking. He offered the same advice for those using portable heaters.

With many children virtually learning or adults working from home, Boschke also said to never plug power strips into each other. He went on to say now is a good time to check smoke alarms and go over your family’s escape plan.

“I think above all, people just need to be mindful of their house and the condition that it’s kept in. There’s a direct relationship between fire safety, cleanliness and maintenance of your home,” he explained. “So whether it be stairwells or hallways leading to your entry and exit doors, just keeping those free of clutter. We think of things even like window operation, so how many times do people check all of the windows in their home to make sure they can actually open and are easy to operate, especially for children.”

Boschke said if someone is in need of a working smoke detector, they should contact their local fire department.

More information on Fire Prevention Week can be found here

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