BBB Wisconsin exposes tricks in advertising

NOW: BBB Wisconsin exposes tricks in advertising

The BBB has a campaign called #AdTruth which highlights bad ads and helps you learn to identify the most common schemes and cons.

"Watch when you're getting these ads in email and social media," warns Jim Temmer of the BBB Wisconsin. "Look at the fine print. The sale might be for a limited time or last year's model. As much as you want to go there for 50% off, it's an old advertising trick. Only one item will be available for sale and it's old bait and switch to get you into the store."

Temmer also exposed another fake tracking scam on the CBS 58 News at 4.

"Picture this, you open an email saying click here to get tracking information on package you ordered . You click on it and they could get personal information by installing a virus on your computer. Or, they ask you questions on when to drop it off and find out when you won't be at home."

A critical component to the campaign is getting the consumer who does the research to then report the scam to the BBB and check out other reports and complaints before heading out.

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Here's some more free advice:

Create a budget and stick to it. Make a list, determine how much you can afford to spend on each person and…stick to it!

Compare deals. There are many retailers and websites that will claim to capture the best deals. Comparison shop ahead of time, before you head out to the mall to make your Black Friday shopping more efficient.

 Maximize Advance Alerts. Do you have favorite retailers? Sign up for their email alerts and take advantage of special social network opportunities. Many stores work to reward your loyalty and you may get a jump on special offers. Many stores release their best Black Friday deals to people who have signed up to receive their emails. Just make sure it’s the real business and not a scammer.

Know store return policies. Knowing the store polices on returns can help you decide where to buy. Retailers may include restocking fees, shorter return deadlines and other terms and conditions. Also, be sure you understand the return policy on seasonal sale items.

Ask for gift receipts. Gift receipts generally include a description of the item purchased but do not disclose the price paid. Without proof-of-purchase, the recipient may be turned down for returning or exchanging an item or risk receiving an exchange or refund at a lower price.

Know the advertiser. Some of the best deals are only available online, but be careful. It’s easy for a fake site to mimic a famous retailer’s website, so make sure you are shopping with a legitimate site.

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