BBB lays out naughty list of the '12 Scams of Christmas'

NOW: BBB lays out naughty list of the ’12 Scams of Christmas’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – While many people are trying to get on Santa’s nice list last minute, the Better Business Bureau is warning about a growing naught list of scammers.

As many people choose to shop online and send virtual gifts due to the pandemic, the BBB is urging consumers to be extra cautious before opening or downloading anything from the internet.

“I hate to talk about scams this time of year, but unfortunately we have to do that, but it’s to keep people safe and they can enjoy the holiday,” BBB Serving Wisconsin President and CEO Jim Temmer said.

Topping the BBB’s 12 Scams of Christmas list are e-card scams.

  • 1. E-Cards
  • 2. Social media gift exchanges
  • 3. Holiday apps
  • 4. Fake alerts on compromised accounts
  • 5. Free gift cards
  • 6. Temporary holiday jobs
  • 7. Look-alike websites
  • 8. Fake charities
  • 9. Fake shipping notifications
  • 10. Pop-up holiday virtual events
  • 11. Extremely low or high priced items
  • 12. Puppy scams

“If you get one and it doesn’t really show who the sender is or they’re asking for personal information, or credit card number before you can open it and download that gift, it’s not a gift, it’s probably a scam,” Temmer said.

If you’re in the spirit of giving, Temmer said it’s extremely important to make sure what you’re donating to is a real charity.

“End of the year, it’s not only holidays, people are in a giving mood, but also for tax deductions people are looking for end-of-the-year contributions,” he said. “Make sure you’re giving to who you want to give it to, if it’s online, check that address bar, ask them questions, ask them for their information that shows they’re a 501C non-profit.”

The BBB says these scams very well may continue into 2021, so consumers shouldn't let their guards down after Christmas.

“Keep yourself safe, keep your family safe, keep your money safe and have a Happy New Year,” Temmer said.

More information on all of the scams can be found on the BBB website.

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