BBB: Employment scams top 2018 list, rise in romance scams

BBB: Employment scams top 2018 list, rise in romance scams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Employment scams were the riskiest scams in 2018, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Experts say one of the major threats with employment scams is giving out too much personal information. In a typical employment scam, victims may get an email with a job offer but are then asked to provide their name, address and social security number.

Online purchase scams came in at number two on the list. CBS 58 spoke with a Muskego woman who ordered a shirt online that wasn’t right.

“When it arrived, it was not the women’s small that I had hoped for,” Victim Julie Malson said. “It was a child’s size and the printing on it was obviously a counterfeit. It was also missing some printing on the back.”

Malson tried to contact the company but all emails and phone calls went unanswered. Eventually, her bank reimbursed the costs.

According to the BBB, a surprise was a rise in romance scams in 2018. Experts say the scammer will build a relationship with the victim online and eventually ask for money.

“It tugs at your heart strings,” BBB Director of Investigations Lisa Schiller said. “The person on the other end will give and give and give. I mean we see very large amounts of loss in the romance scam and I’m talking $30,000 and upwards is not uncommon.”

The BBB warns consumers to be extra cautious when buying things or sharing information online. The entire 2018 report can be found on the BBB’s website.

The ten riskiest scams of 2018:

1. Employment
2. Online purchase
3. Fake checks/money orders
4. Home improvement
5. Advance fee loans
6. Romance
7. Tech support
8. Investment
9. Travel/vacation
10. Government grant

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