Bayside DPW workers' quick thinking saves coworker's life

NOW: Bayside DPW workers’ quick thinking saves coworker’s life


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  A 34-year-old Bayside DPW worker is saved by his coworkers after going into cardiac arrest.

March 21 started as a normal for Matthew Wackt. He had just finished filling potholes and was back having lunch in the breakroom when he collapsed.

“I was sitting in a chair, dropped to my knees, fell over, and that’s all I remember,” Wackt said.

Wackt’s coworkers Chad Call and Scott Matusewic remember much more about that day.

“Next thing you know Matt took one last breath and he was gone,” Matusewic said. “He was not breathing, no pulse.”

Call and Matusewic jumped into action. They immediately started CPR and used the AED before first responders even got on the scene.

“We were talking to him the whole time,” Call said. “Come on Matty, come on, trying to get him to come to.”

Their efforts worked.

“Oh my God, he’s breathing again,” Call said. “I think I patted Scott on the back and was like we did it.”

Their quick action saved Matthew’s life.

“Words can’t even…” Wackt said.

Wackt and his coworkers are now all encouraging everyone to learn life-saving skills.

“The more people that know CPR and how to use an AED the better off we’re all going to be, because it could be you that needs it,” Matusewic said.

Less than two weeks later, Wackt is out of the hospital resting and spending time with his family.

“You take every day as a blessing, I’ll tell you that,” Wackt said.

His coworkers, now not only his heroes, but his family.

“I just know deep down that we have that bond now,” Wackt said. “It’s great.”

A brat fry will be held Saturday, April 6 outside the Bayside Municipal Building to help Wackt and his family with medical bills.

A fundraising page has also been started.

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