Bay View pet sitting service works to help travelers after flight delays, emergencies

NOW: Bay View pet sitting service works to help travelers after flight delays, emergencies


BAY VIEW, Wis. (CBS 58) - Staff of a pet sitting service in Bay View say they're working overtime to watch pets of travelers who haven't been able to make it home on time. 

Tiffany Weber is the owner of While You Were Out Pet Sitting Services, LLC. 

She told CBS 58 they have had a busy week, but are working overtime to make sure people who haven't been able to get home don't have to worry about their animals having a safe place to stay. 

CBS 58 also spoke with Brooks Carter, who recently took a trip to Ireland with his wife. They got some surprising news just before they were set to return to the U.S. Carter tested positive for COVID-19. 

"We found out three hours before our flight was supposed to take off," explained Carter. 

Carter and his wife would spend the next eight days in isolation inside their hotel room in Ireland. And as the holidays approached, they grew concerned about their pets, knowing the dog sitter they had would only be available for a short time. 

"She had plans and at this point we didn't know how long we'd be there," said Carter. 

The couple started to call friends to ask for help watching their dogs, but had no luck. Eventually, Carter had to rely on his mother in law, who traveled in from New Jersey. 

"She flew from Newark into Milwaukee. That was the grace of God she was able to get here because there's been so many flight cancellations," explained Brooks. 

This is the exact kind of situation Weber prepares for. She says it's been a hectic week for her business. 

"We've been working around the clock. I did a straight 43-hour shift without a break," explained Weber. 

She says she's committed to helping clients who are facing traveling delays or emergencies with no extra charge. 

"People are shocked at it because people are in panic mode and my job is to make sure you don't get to panic. A lot of them, when this all started, were sending us checks to keep our doors open even though they didn't need services. It's our way of thanking everybody," said Weber. 

CBS 58 spoke with Jen Schierl, a client of Weber's business, who speaks highly of her experiences. 

"Whenever we have gotten stuck, whether it's due to inclement weather or family needs, I've always been able to call on Tiffany and her staff. To know that I have a service that cares about my dog as much as we care about my dog is invaluable to me," explained Schierl. 

Weber has a staff of about 18 people right now. She says the best thing the community can do to help the pet industry is to hire a pet sitting service, even if it's just for a simple walk for your dog. 

The company currently serves the following areas: Greater Milwaukee Area, Oak Creek, Franklin, Cudahy, St. Francis, Bay View, Third Ward, 5th Ward, Downtown, East Side, Upper East Side, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa, West Allis and parts of New Berlin. 

If you are looking for pet sitting services, their number is 414-324-9380. 

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