Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson in Milwaukee

MENOMONEE FALLS-Each year hundreds of golfers gather at the Silver Spring Country Club for the Fellowship Open.

Over the past 14 years, the event has raised nearly $1 million for programs that have proven results in reaching minority young people and showing them paths to success through education.

Part of the event is for young people to meet adults who have succeeded, many of whom have had to overcome major obstacles.

This year's honoree is Frank Robinson, the first African American manager in Major League Baseball.

As a player, he was MVP both in the National and American leagues.

Robinson told CBS 58 News anchor Michele McCormack that he wishes the ranks of management in professional baseball were more diverse today.

\"It's better and baseball is doing all it can to bring more into the position. But it's not an easy task and you have to earn it.\"

Robinson's focus when receiving the Legends Award was on young people and African American men in particular.

\"Never take no for an answer. Never believe that you can't do what you set out to accomplish,\" Robinson advised. \"Don't expect for things to be given to you. Be willing to work for it.\"


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