Barrett says state needs to step in for sex offender problem

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has two decisions in front of him.  The Milwaukee Common Council lifted the taxi cab permit cap and enacted a sex offender ordinance Tuesday.

The Mayor can approve both of the ordinances in the near future.  Barrett has said he supported lifting the cap to ensure companies like Uber and Lyft could operate in Milwaukee.

He said he'll do his normal review and barring any surprises in the file he'll sign it shortly.


Milwaukee also now has a new sex offender ordinance.


New offenders would have to follow the 2,000 foot rule..restricting them from living next to day care centers, parks, and schools.


Barrett pointed the finger at the state for the sex offender problem saying he's unhappy with the state response. He said Milwaukee will be responsible for sex offenders who committed crimes here, but shouldn't be a place to house offenders with no ties to the city.

\"The state is complicit with this and refusing to do anything to help,\" Mayor Tom Barrett said.  \"We may be in a situation where we're going to have to take a position to force the state to act. It just isn't fair to Milwaukee to be the place where all these individuals or many of these individuals are sent. Particularly ones who have no ties to the city of Milwaukee.\"

Mayor Barrett said there should be a statewide approach, although he didn't specify what that would be.

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