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Barrett calls comments in Brown video "offensive," calls for new body camera release policy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Mayor Tom Barrett said Tuesday he wants a new city policy on releasing police body camera footage, after watching the release of the video of Bucks player Sterling Brown's arrest.

"I don't think it's in anyone's interest to have the video dribble out in bits and pieces," Barrett said. "I think it's in the police best interest, I think it's in the public's best interest, I think it's in accountability's best interest to have it all released at the same time."

MPD released some body camera footage in May, but Brown's attorney released multiple new videos this week. Barrett said several comments made during the newly released video was offensive.

"I thought it was very offensive, that you had the officer that seemed to be more concerned about his overtime than anything else"
"I hope you guys make the playoffs"

Barrett was referring to an officer singing "money, money, money, money," after the incident was over."

Barrett says wants to see improvement from the department.

"It just showed that there has to be more training, and there has to be a better understanding that these police officers are there to protect the public. To protect themselves, which is very very important, but this has to be done in a professional way."

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